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Why choose our Masters Programme?

This postgraduate master degree offers the opportunity to undertake an academically rigorous and professionally relevant program of study in contemporary international business issues. This programme is designed to equip the students with essential modern management skills and knowledge and prepare them with an enterprising spirit grounded on solid business practices. The programme also aims at providing the students with analytical and decision-making capabilities in order to face different kinds of new challenges resulting from the rapid changes seen in today’s growing business environment. Arix Academy provide study tools and techniques that will help the students develop and manage products and services that will be competitive internationally.


Programme Objective

  • To enable the advanced study of organisations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate.

  • To equip individuals for and/or development of a career in business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level to assume senior managerial and leadership positions in the business.

  • To develop the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management leadership and practice.

  • To enhance a lifelong learning and personal development so as to be able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.

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Course Outline

1. International Economics

2. Accounting and Corporate Finance

3. Performance Measurement & Management

4. International Marketing

5. Leadership

6. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

7. Strategic Management

8. Cross-Cultural Management

9. Final Project ( Thesis )


Programme Duration

12 months, Part-time (Online Lecture)

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Entry Requirements

  • At least 35 years of age, possess SPM and a minimum of 8 years working experience in
    Managerial position.

  • At least 30 years of age, possess Level 4 MLVK/JPK Diploma.

  • Executive Diploma/ Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree from recognized institutions.

  • Business owners with more than 10 years of experience in running a business.

Awarding Institution

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