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Arix Academy is professional Learning Centre dedicated to promote education and technologies throughout the ASEAN region.

First founded in 2009, as Bizzy Bee Academy, and later on as Professional Global Logistics in 2011 and now known as Arix Academy lives up to Its objectives to enhance knowledge, encourage analytical development, provide qualification structure, impart advances in Business Techniques and Tools, as well as to encourage Entrepreneurship. 

As a Professional Business and Entrepreneurship Learning Centre, Arix Academy subscribes to its philosophy for the business profession to work together to standardize and at the same time control the quality of the full spectrum of Business and Entrepreneurship. 



Our team is an integral part of our company and comprises outstanding trainers and industrial experts who have are highly qualified and have several years of corporate training experience. The team plays a crucial role in the development of our course content and its valuable feedback makes our course content richer in concepts and its applications.


  • Equiped with Highly Experienced Team from the Industry with extensive knowledge of business challenges.

  • Top Caliber ‘Owned’ and Certified Trainer pool with ongoing development and growth opportunities.

  • Business Focused and Metric Driven training solutions customized to align with organizational needs.

  • Strategic Alliances and Global Networks to provide industry recognized certifications and domain & business programs through Master Trainers and in-house Subject Matter Experts

  • Ubiquitous Training Delivery Solutions through flexible delivery platforms – computer based, Instructor led training, self-learning to enable quick dissemination via anywhere, anytime learning environment



  • To enhance knowledge, competences and recognition of those working and in business.

  • To provide support, assistance and a focus for the professional; including social activities for members and students.

  • To provide a qualification structure based on nationally recognised education standards and to publicise its benefits to employers, the government and educational bodies

  • To identify and disseminate advances in business and to act as a focal point for discussions



Our expertise and specialization spans all aspects of the business spectrum. To ensure these diverse specialisations in business discipline receive appropriate recognition and respect by the professionals,We has created 6 technical divisions. 

  • Technology - engineering, research, computer support, and standards.​

  • Management - corporate matters product life cycle project management support international relations, and crisis management.​

  • Product support - maintenance, supply, training, field service, and customer support.​

  • Materials Management - distribution, and purchasing packaging inventory transportation.


  • Financial Management - billing, budgeting, and finance accounting.​

  • Human Resource Management - Education and training, individual training, and education programs.

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