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Why Doctorate?

A doctorate, or PhD, allows individuals to become experts in a specific field, conduct original research, and make significant contributions to knowledge. It is often required for careers in academia, research, and senior-level positions in various industries. Pursuing a doctorate also offers personal fulfillment, intellectual growth, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

Entry Requirements

  • Possess a recognized Master’s Degree or its equivalent.

  • Possess at least 5 years of professional experience in the field of specialization the Doctoral Degree is applied for.

Degree Requirement

  • Participants pursuing the doctorate degree by research shall complete a four-phase process.

  • The doctoral research tutorials are intended to assure the participants have the skills and knowledge to examine the existing scholarly literature, design an effective advanced research study, carry out the project, analyze the data and present the findings in a publishable quality manuscript.

  • As a minimum degree requirement, doctoral participants must maintain enrollment at EIU-Paris for at least one and one-half calendar years and a maximum period of five years is allowed to complete the program.

Phase 1 : Research Methodology
Phase 2 : Understanding International Business
Phase 3 : Human Capital

Phase 4 : Viva Voce & Doctorate Thesis

Doctorate Study Modules

Doctorate Through Research/Thesis (DTR) -

​​Phase 1   :   Research Methodology 

  • Research Methods and Design: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses 

  • Leadership & Management 

  • Advanced Topics in Business Theory 

  • Strategy and Innovation

Phase 2   :   Understanding International Business

  • Global Business and International Management 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics 

  • Business Law and Ethics 

  • Finance and Accounting for Decision Making

Phase 3 : Human Capital Management 

  • Organizational Change and Transformation 

  • Marketing and Consumer Behavior 

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Development

Phase 4 : Viva Voce & Doctorate Thesis

Duration :
18 months

Learning style :
Hybrid Learning

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