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This program provides participants with an enhanced comprehension of the Six Sigma methodology, aiming to furnish them with practical knowledge and skills in Lean and Six Sigma. It empowers participants to make meaningful contributions to project improvement, adeptly create imperative process maps, and discern opportunities for mitigating inefficiencies within organizational practices.



  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma principles, concepts and methodologies.

  • Overview of process improvement concepts and quality methods

  • Introduction to DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) framework.

  • Introduction to process mapping and flowcharting.

  • Overview of data collection and basic statistical tools.

  • Role in supporting Green Belts and Black Belts in projects.

  • Case studies and practical exercises.


This program strategically elevates process performance, spearheads medium to high-impact projects, and achieves significant cost savings. Its design is meticulous, aiming to equip individuals with specialized skills and essential knowledge for effective leadership or participation in continuous improvement initiatives.



  • In-depth study of Lean and Six Sigma principles.

  • Advanced understanding of DMAIC methodology.

  • Statistical analysis tools and techniques (e.g., hypothesis testing, regression analysis).

  • Data collection and measurement system analysis (MSA).

  • Root cause analysis and tools

  • Process capability and control charts.

  • Project management and planning.

  • Tools for process improvement and optimization.

  • Real-world project work, often leading a small-scale improvement project.

  • Hands-on experience with statistical software.


This program is designed to elevate process performance, spearhead medium to high impact projects, and generate substantial cost savings. It is to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and methodologies needed to lead high-impact projects, achieve cost savings, and drive continuous improvement within their organizations.



  • Mastery of Lean and Six Sigma principles and methodologies.

  • Advanced statistical analysis and tools.

  • Design of Experiments (DOE) and advanced hypothesis testing.

  • Leadership and team management skills.

  • Change management and organizational culture.

  • Advanced project management, including project selection and prioritization.

  • Value stream mapping and Lean enterprise.

  • Integration of Lean and Six Sigma concepts.

  • In-depth case studies and simulations.

  • Leading and completing significant process improvement projects within the organization.

  • Coaching and mentoring Green Belts and Yellow Belts.


This program is centered on the realization of organizational goals and vision. It instructs participants on effectively collaborating with the leadership team to translate vision into reality through strategic business improvement initiatives. Participants in this program assume multifaceted roles as coaches, facilitators, mentors, program leaders, and change agents. They act as liaisons between sponsors, executives, and improvement champions. With adept project management skills, program participants can oversee multiple projects, establish clear objectives and targets, ensuring sustainable results that align seamlessly with the organization's strategic vision.



  • Expert-level understanding of Lean and Six Sigma.

  • Advanced statistical software proficiency.

  • Strategic alignment of Lean and Six Sigma with organizational goals.

  • Program management and deployment.

  • Extensive experience in leading and coaching Black Belts and Green Belts.

  • Teaching, mentoring, and developing Lean Six Sigma talent within the organization.

  • Driving organizational change and continuous improvement culture.

  • Advanced research and development in the field.

Software used

  • Tool                      :              Primavera & Microsoft Tool

  • Concept               :              Agile & Waterfall

  • Apps                     :              Monday

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