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Programme Duration

Under this programme, student shall undergo a “Study + On-Job-Training” course. The course will run for 1 years, the student will attend a 1 month full classroom training and will be attached with a 5 Star hotel on the 2nd month onwards.

Programme Content/Outline:

Course Module:

1. Business Communication

2. Introduction to Management

3. Front Office Operations

4. Food & Beverage Services

5. Understanding House Keeping Operations

6. Business Ethics

7. Food Nutrition,  Safety & Hygiene

8. Customer Service

9. Hospitality Sales & Marketing

Programme Highlights

  1. Programme fully moderator & awarded by Arix Academy

  2. Diploma will be awarded by European International University (EIU)

  3. International Recognised Diploma

  4. Graduation Ceremony

  5. Starter Pack for registered student

  6. Student membership with Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM)

  7. Special prepared notes & handouts

  8. Flexible monthly payment (Loan)

  9. Confirm full time job after complete programme

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