Programme Content/Outline:

Module 1:  Introduction to TPS and Lean Management


Module 2:  Project Management

Module 3:  Quality Engineering    


Module 4:  Performance Management  


Module 5 : DMAIC & Six Sigma Tools

Module 6 : Waste Management

Module 7 : Cost Management

Module 8 – Final Assignment (Specialization)

(Major in - project chosen by Student)

Programme Overview:

The program is purposefully designed to up-skill and re-skill equip individual with the skill and knowledge on lean manufacturing and engineering. Benefit of the lean fundamentals as are:-

  1. To increase their profit in long run

  2. To be the World class SME Production Facilities with good cost control initiatives

  3. To achieve the seven productive performance objectives of the organization, as below;

    • Cost, efficiency and productivity

    • Delivery lead-time

    • Quality

    • Service and reliability

    • Flexibility for product change

    • Flexibility for volume change

    • Improvement in the production system

  4. Improve teamwork and work ethics

  5. Proper use of SMART goals and performance management in order to increase capabilities and objective achievement

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