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Programme Content/Outline:

Module 1 – Introduction to Business Plan/ Business Start-up

Module 2 – Resources Planning Management

Module 3 – SME Financing & Accounting

Module 4 – Business Law

Module 5 – Business Information System

Module 6 - Business Communication

Module 7 – Business Planning and Development

Module 8  (3 months) – Specialization (Major in - Business chosen by


  • Bridal Make up & Beauty Salon Management

  • Graphic Designing

  • Sports Coach & Management

  • Interior Designer

  • Service Industry (accounts, logistics, etc.)

  • Retail Management

  • Restaurant Management

  • Tailoring Shop

  • Barber Shop

  • Car Wash Shop

  • E-Commerce

  • Web Designing Studio

  • Home stay or Budget Hotel Management

Programme Overview:


The objective of this course is to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and provide a sound foundation in business management. At the end of the course, students will be motivated to want to start their own business, to become entrepreneurs. They will be intrigued by the success stories of great entrepreneurs through the Industry Lectures that will be given to them. They will be exposed to new modules like Small and Medium Enterprise Financing, Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures, Entrepreneurial Values and Skills and will find this course a world different from the other business courses. Students will have to complete a project which will give them opportunities to either specialize in a particular industry and create new business ventures or capitalize on opportunities in the franchise industry.

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