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Learning Chinese for Business

• Mandarin is easily one of the most popular languages on Earth. The language is used by a lot of native speakers, both living in and outside of China. By learning how to speak Chinese, you increase the possibility of being able to do business with Chinese companies. 

• Chinese business partners have a great deal of respect for people who take the time to be fluent in their language. This means that you mean business and that you’re not there to joke around. Not to mention, relying too much on having a translator can help undermine the bonding experience with your Chinese business partners and prevent you from establishing a more personal relationship with them. 

• Negotiations also go a lot smoother when there is no longer a need for a translator.

• Not everyone in China learns English. In fact, a lot of people in China, especially outside of Beijing and Shanghai, don’t know how to speak English. By learning how to speak Chinese, it’s easier to get around and do business in many cities in China.

Programme Highlights

We have special methods to ensure you to speak Mandarin in Short period of time. First level Basically focuses on speaking and listening skills. Learn how to construct sentences and the correct pronunciation. 

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