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Mandarin Class

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Mandarin for kids:

  • Improves cognitive skills and memory retention

  • Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities

  • Boosts creativity and expands cultural awareness

  • Develops better language skills and verbal communication

  • Increases career opportunities in the future

  • Helps build lifelong friendships and networks

Mandarin for Adults:

  • Opens up new business and career opportunities in China and other Mandarin-speaking countries

  • Enhances cognitive flexibility and decision-making skills

  • Increases cultural understanding and appreciation

  • Improves memory and focus

  • Provides a gateway to learn about traditional Chinese culture and philosophy

Programme Highlights

Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over a billion native speakers. Learning Mandarin can be a valuable asset for children and adults, in terms of personal growth and future career prospects. First level basically focuses on speaking and listening skills. Learn how to construct sentences and the correct pronunciation. 

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